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May – July 2015 Moving On

We’re working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to make it easier for you to donate your unwanted belongings. Look out for the BHF donation bags distributed in May and make a real difference to people living with heart disease.

Simply take your full bags along to the nearest BHF collection bank and if you need more BHF bags, ask at your student union, Owens Park or Manchester Student Homes office.

We’ll be delivering Moving On packs in parts of Ardwick, Fallowfield, Hulme, Levenshulme, Moss Side, Old Moat, Rusholme, Withington and several blocks in the city centre at the end of May. Each pack includes British Heart Foundation bags for your unwanted stuff plus blue and brown bags for your extra recycling.

What to put in the BHF bags

Use these bags to donate your clothes, paired shoes, bed-sheets, pots and pans, crockery, DVDs, books, and small working electrical goods (toasters, hairdryers or straighteners, rice cookers, radios etc.) Simply fill the bags and take them to one of the BHF collection banks.

What to put in the blue bags

Use the blue one for paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, catalogues, empty cartons and shredded paper.

What to put in the brown bags

Use the brown one for any glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, and plastic bottles (even ‘bathroom’ product bottles but – please – ONLY plastic bottles. NO other plastics)

Please take your duvet and pillows with you when you leave because these can’t be donated or recycled.

Please don’t include any plastic carrier bags or plastic packaging in your recycling.

What do I do with the extra blue and brown bags?

You can leave your bags out for collection from your doorstep on any weekday morning between Thursday 5th June and Friday 4th July. We’re providing extra recycling collections on top of your usual weekly service to help you recycle more (please make sure you put the correct items in each bag for recycling.)

On-site BHF collection banks

Check with your building manager to find out where the on-site British Heart Foundation collection bank is, and use the bags that have been provided to donate your clothes, paired shoes, bed-sheets, pots and pans, crockery, DVDs, books, small working electrical goods (toasters, hairdryers, rice cookers, radios etc).

BHF Collection Bank Locations

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